Winter Rose

These are the soap my friends and I make regularly called Winter Rose. We normally use just paprika to give them lovely pink colour but this time we made an effort to include cayenne pepper (we always forget to buy cayenne pepper…). It turned into beautiful strawberry colour soap as you can see! They are nice to use, too, as sweet almond and rose hip oils are mild and also ground¬† paprika and cayenne pepper gently exfoliate your skin. This is one of my most favourite soap recipes that we use.


First scone making

Glorious day in Melbourne today and we have attended our son’s soccer trophy presentation. Feeling all good, when we got home, my daughter and I made scones for the first time. Yes, I do lots of baking but I have never made scones before! The verdict is that we think nothing beats freshly baked scones with cream and jam together with a cup of Earl Grey tea, OMG, they are so yummy…

Fresh cream and apricot jam…


‘Super Swish Spray Mop’

Well, we got our new ‘Super Swish Spray Mop’ from Sabco delivered to our door step. It was beautifully gift wrapped complete with blue and white ribbons. Amazing! So we were looking at this mop,wondering how it works, and then realised that the bottle looking thing was a water compartment. When you pull the trigger, it sprays water onto the floor just in front of the mop. All you need to do is squeeze and push, and here is a clean floor. It does clean very quickly. It wiped our dog’s food scraps and fur away instantly.

We took a challenge from Sabco to dress up the mop, so here is what we come up with:

Our mop turned into Super Hero “Robin Hood” thanks to our children’s creative flair. Robin Hood costume was made by me, the arrows were made by my son, who has a passion for Robin Hood, and the sword was made by my husband who loves wood working. Like Robin Hood, this Super Swish Spray Mop from Sabco cleans unwanted mess quickly.

Kids were having so much fun dressing the mop into their favourite hero. Robin’s green clothes match the mop very well. I also want to show you the bow my son made, too.

These bow and arrows are the real deal and fly as far as Robin Hood would need them to. We also took the Robin Hood mop to where he belongs…this is the bush next door to our house!

Here is a link to Sabco’s Facebook page:


4-Panel Bags

I am adding a few more 4-panel bags online. Here are the close-up photos of today’s addition:

I really enjoy working with colours with these bags!

Finally finished

I finally finished this scarf! I have finished knitting the scarf a long time ago, but didn’t finish it off for a long time. Initially as soon as I started to knit, I felt the mixed colours of the wool wasn’t for me so was tossing the idea of giving it away as a gift for someone. Today when I saw it in the shelf, I decided to finish it off and tried it on. Yes, I do like it now. It is very warm so it’s perfect for cold chilly morning of Melbourne.

Other things I made this weekend are;


Muesli slices

Toffee (bit bubbly, I know)

Hedgehog slices

I am making all these sweets to plan ahead for my kids’ school’s Spring Fair in October. I think one of kids’ class is in charge of cake stall, so I have to try them before I decide what to make! Oh, they are all so yummy!!


Obi into a bag

I recently made a small red bag from a half size obi called ‘Hanhaba Obi’. Hanhaba literally means ‘half the width of normal obi’, so to make this obi into my small sized bag, I had to start making the material wide enough to turn into a bag. It is a fiddly job but when it turned into a shaped bag, it is a joy to see.

It has gone to a very good home and all the hard work is now rewarded.

I love red bags!


New scarves

Here are some closer photos of my new scarves;

I wanted to make shorter scarves with silk and wool, so I often just tie around my neck once. It is simple but the black colour of the wool really enhances the colours and patterns of kimono fabric.

These scarves are available online now.

New shoulder bags

I am always hunting for unusual interesting looking denim fabrics and have recently made some shoulder bags with this dark navy blue denim. It was very thick to begin with but the colour is regal and created very elegant bags.

Carefully choosing these silk kimono panels is fun but takes many hours! Often I have a theme for an individual bag. For this bag, the dark red called “Enji” is my main panel even though it doesn’t have flower patterns.¬† I wanted to create mature elegance. This “Enji” colour created beautiful combination with dark navy blue.





With this bag, I wanted to create a little dreaminess with flowers flowing into next panel. Can you see them?





When the flap opens, it is more visible of course…





With this bag, I chose pretty colours of red and pink as it is sheer joy to see them all together!

There bags are available online.



I recently had an interesting experience sewing with Lycra. I have never sewn with this type of material before so it was a challenge for me. It took many hours before I concluded that using an over-locker is the way to go with Lycra! Neither zig zag stitching nor a stretch setting on the sewing machine worked for me. I rarely use an over-locker other than finishing off hems and raw edges so dealing with the setting of the over-locker was a great experience. I didn’t realise there are so many things you can do with an over-locker! So, after this successful experience with Lycra, I have used an over-locker to make this scarf with silk and woollen fabric. Here is my daughter modelling for me. The over-locker makes really nice scarves, so I have been making more, which I will make available online soon.

Here are some new small bags which are available online. I am planning to increase production for more sale items.



New shoulder bags

I have been making shoulder bags with more kimono panels at the front. It is so much fun to match colours and they look really pretty!

These are available at Oku Den, Hurstbridge.